Qualification for Membership

  • To qualify for Ladies/Intermediate/Junior girls membership requires the applicant to have been born, or living in, what is defined by Scottish Golf as Renfrewshire County or be a Member of one of the 24 Golf Clubs situated in Renfrewshire that is affiliated to Scottish Golf.

  • Those applying for Membership must be a Member of a golf club when applying for Membership and at the renewal date each year.

  • The Handicap Index limit is 30 for Ladies Membership at the time of application.

Categories of Membership and Fees

There are four levels of membership and associated fees;

  • Juniors under 16* - no charge and automatic membership if a member of a Renfrewshire Club
  • Juniors under 18* - as above

  • Intermediate Members (aged 18 - 22 years*) - as above regarding no charge and Home Club membership

  • Ladies Members (23 years* and above) - New Members £45 for first year and £35 for members annual renewal

* age on 1st January of the golfing season subscription period

We also have a number of Honorary Ladies and Non-playing Members.

Annual Subscription Notices

The County golf season is from 1st January to 31st December with annual subscription notices being emailed out in advance by the Membership Secretary to (paying) members at the end of October each year with a payment deadline of 31st December. The annual subscription for members is currently £35.

Application Process for Ladies or Intermediate Membership

The application process to join RLCGA as a Ladies or Intermediate Member is very straight forward and requires you to complete the following application form. Instructions for submitting the form to the Membership Secretary, Sandra Macdougall, and payment of the subscription, are included on the form;


Paying members are invoiced their annual subscription re-newals for the following year's golf season in October with the balance due by 31st December. Payment can be made through BACS, cheque or cash.

Junior Consent Forms

For new Junior members there are two different Consent forms based on their age that require to be completed;



Privacy Notice

RLCGA has fully embraced the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) governing the use of members personal data. Our PRIVACY NOTICE outlines what we do with your personal data and how you can make a 'Subject Access' request. Acknowledgement of the Privacy Notice is an intrinsic part of the application process.


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